2 DCI imposters cornered in hotel after summoning MP

By Susan Njire

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI on Wednesday nabbed two DCI imposters at a hotel.In a statement the agency disclosed that the two, Dennis Muturi Nyakundi and Victor Onsare had summoned a member of the National Assembly under the pretence that they served at the DCI.

The statement further noted that the duo issued the summon via social media before calling him using a private number.The two later called the MP through a private number informing him that their meeting date had been rescheduled which made him raise the alarm.The two were arrested at a hotel in Nairobi after summoning a member of Parliament through social media with a forged compelling notice to present himself at DCI headquarters for questioning on undisclosed .

The two were arrested while waiting for the unidentified lawmaker to show up and were taken for interrogation.On being suspicious of the inconsistent events the MP reported to DCI Parliament where a trap was set and the two suspects were nabbed.They are in custody undergoing interrogations on a suspected extortion attempt.

Imposters and conmen have grown audacious over the recent months and do not shy away from targeting even the most powerful individuals in government.

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