20 year-old son kills and burns the body of his father

By Susan Njire

Grief engulfed Muchungucha village in kiharu after the news of gruesome murder spread. A popular Murang’a based nyama choma chef John Mwangi has been killed in cold blood by his 20 year old son Michael Muchiri in a family dispute. The 60 year-old chef was waylaid by his son on his way home from work and struck on the head with a blunt object according to the report.

The twenty year old suspect then poured petrol on the body and set it on fire. Mwangi’s grief struck widow Susan Wanjiru said she was alerted by a loud thud outside her house at around 7:30pm on Thursday evening. She ventured out where she saw her son running from what appeared to be a fire.Wanjiru says that upon inspection,she saw a piece of her husband’s shirt and then noticed what appeared to be his body smoldering.

She explained,“I thought my son was burning banana leaves but when I got closer, I saw my husband’s shirt,it was him and he was on fire, I just ran away.” The area chief Wanjiru Mukami confirmed the incident saying the suspect who is still at large is likely to have been using drugs. The suspects sister described her late father as a staunch Christian who was amiable, friendly and kind.

She said that the simmering tensions in the family go back a long time but had reached breaking point a few weeks ago. Her brother had accused their late father of sidelining him saying the family was allowing farmhands to work at their family shamba without consulting him.</div>

On several occasions Muchiri who dropped out of school while in form two had brandished a machete at his mother and several farm workers forcing them to lock themselves in. He is also said to have beaten up his sister in law several months back dislocating her arm in the process.

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