2020 Children’s Day: Protect children against forms of Abuse – Lawan

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Senate President, Senator Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan has said that the surest route to a happy and fulfilling future for the children is to provide them quality education and healthcare, and to protect them against all forms of abuse.

While heartily felicitated with Nigerian children on the occasion of the 2020 Children’s Day. May 27, a day set aside to highlight the realities of children in society with a view to promoting their well-being and happiness now and for the future.

He said Nigeria is still heavily burdened with a high number of out-of-school children. “I want to assure our children that the National Assembly is fully aware of the challenges they face and will continue to work to guarantee them and our country a better future”.

He urged for collaboration between the Federal and state governments in comprehensively addressing issues relating to the plight of Nigerian children while called on the authorities at the sub-national level who have not done so, to domesticate the Child Rights Act for the sake of the future of the children.

On the part of the parents. “I urge them to dutifully play their own role in providing the immediate needs for their children, for the future peace of the children, parents and the country”, he said.

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