Coronavirus: 1.3 Billion Indians under lockdown

By Rehan Rajput

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The Novel Coronavirus epidemic (COVID – 19) has gutted thousands of lives worldwide so far and lakhs of people are bound to suffer because of this disease. The epidemic which originated from Wuhan City of China is shocking proving as a havoc for the Entire world. No one ever predicted its devastated effects will spread all over the world – Politically, Economically & Geographically.

The Indian Government started screenings over the Airports once it got over Wuhan in China. Though, the Government took actions best of its knowledge & abilities but still it was late. The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted & warned Indian Government over Coronavirus. Also, Mr Gandhi urged government to take all necessary steps to save Indian people & economy from Coronavirus consequences. But, no one seemed to bother about his advice at the moment and all of a sudden the whole country had to go in a 21-day lockdown on March 24 followed by a 14 hours Janta Curfew (Lockdown) on March 22.

Unambiguously, the 21-day lockdown has created a panic across the India as people have never experienced any such thing. Hundreds of million Indians especially poor are left behind in a Crisis. Poor are facing a life threat situation across the country as they have no idea about their live hoods now. A large scale of population is facing an extreme hunger situation as they have lost their daily wage income being a daily wage laborer. All State & Central Government are making sure that everyone gets food at least on priority.

An unorchestrated 21 day lockdown by Indian Government came into effect right after when PM Narendra Modi announced at 8 p.m. on March 24. It was same as PM Modi announced a nationwide Demonetization (Note-Bandi) at 8 p.m. in 2016. Government should have atleast given some time to get The Nation prepared for the same. Couldn’t this possible to announce at 8 in morning instead of 8 at night. Neither in Demonetization or nor in this Lockdown people had time for Brewing or Settle things accordingly. Vividly, we can see thousands of poor are bound to go their hometown hundreds of kilometers “walk-in” on the Highways of India.

Needless to say, it’s an Indian Government responsibility to think prior to its consequences. Now, where would these people stay? What would they eat? How they would reach their home “by foot”? After a sound media coverage & heavy backlash, a few state governments have arranged transports to get these people their homes. Also, a few state Governments like Delhi Government have arranged food & accommodation facilities for these people at their Night shelters. But, we have got one death due to hunger by now unfortunately.

We hope our governments become more receptive & well prepared to such conditions. Also, they have an advanced plan for poor & all sections of the society before making such hard decisions. Then only we can avoid an additional crisis with an existing one. The path is not easy ahead for India and the Entire worlds as we are counting on an unimaginable loss.

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