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5 more coronavirus cases in Ghana send tally to 16

By Gloria Ahiaxornu

Sixteen cases of the novel coronavirus have been recorded in Ghana. Three of the five new cases have no travel history.

According to theGhana Health Service (GHS), all five were reported from Greater Accra Region. — 29-year-old Ghanaian lady; resident of Accra; no history of travel; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

34-year-old Ghanaian lady resident of Accra; contact of a confirmed case at place of work; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

53-year-old Ghanaian male, resident of Tema; no history of travel, no evidence of close contact with confirmed case; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

41-year-old Ghanaian male; arrived in Ghana by KLM on the 15 March 2020; indicated exposure with family members in Amsterdam exhibiting respiratory symptoms and also on the flight with some passengers sneezing and coughing; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory.

36-year-old Ghanaian male; resident of Paris, France; date of arrival in Ghana unconfirmed; no evidence of contact with infected person; This brings to a total of sixteen (16) confirmed cases in Ghana, with no death.

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