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736m people living on less than $1.90 a day- Team2819

The Team2819 Evangelical Outreach have said that according to statistics, the number of people living on less than $1.90 a day was about 736 million and out of which over 400 million from sub saharan Africa while Team2819 Evangelical Outreach have arisen to kick out poverty in the world.

This was made known when Mr Adewale Akinyemi was delivering his speech at the Official launching of Team2819 Evangelical Outreach in Eco Event Center, Lagos on Sunday.

According to him “GlobalPoverty Basic Needs Basket analysised that the world needs 60% Food provision, 10% Housing, 10% Energy, 5% Clothing, 5% Water, 5% Education, 5% Health, adding that one of the goal of  Team2819 is to join the well meaning partners to creating a World Free of Poverty.

He said Team2819 Evangelical Outreach is out for the world to know the truth about the word of God without a twist with vision to inspire people everywhere to always see God in their realities.

“We are living in a time of extremes, and these extremes are both a reflection of an old consciousness that can no longer survive and a future consciousness in which planet Earth herself, and all of us on Earth, are transforming.

“This old consciousness is driven by survival emotions like hatred, violence, prejudice, anger, fear, suffering, competition, and pain—emotions that serve to seduce us into believing we are separate from one another”, he said.

He said Team2819 a truth based organization with focus on building and empowering team for the work of making positive impact in our Societies and Communities. “Hence our name TEAM2819.

We are to win, recruit, train and empower team for God in all nations of the world. Our motto: Heal, Equip, Assist, Raise and Transform. We are of the opinion that our world is not in need of multiplicity of acclaimed religion centres but only one new ENERGY centre that will power the whole world for a new life in Christ Jesus. “Team2819 is that new ENERGY centre that will power the world for a closer relationship with God. There is therefore a clarion call for everyone today to be connected to this energy so as to change our world positively”, he said.

He added that the future of humanity does not rest on one person or leader with a greater consciousness to show us the way. Rather, it requires the evolution of a new collective consciousness, because it is through the acknowledgment and application of the interconnectedness of human consciousness that we can change the course of history.

“While it appears old structures and paradigms are collapsing, we should not face this with fear, anger, or sadness, because this is the process by which new things occur. Instead we should face the future with a whole new light, energy, and consciousness. As I have mentioned, the old has to fall apart and fall away before something new flourishes.

“Integral to this process is not squandering our energy by emotionally reacting to leaders or people in power. When they capture our emotions, they capture our attention, and thus they have captured our energy. This is how people gain power over us. Instead we must make a stand for principles, values, and moral imperatives like freedom, justice, truth, and equality”, he said.

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