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“A vacancy has risen for my next ex-husband”-Gappah

By Tatenda Marwodzi

World renowned Zimbabwean author, Petina Gappah has confirmed that she is single and searching for her next “ex-husband”. In a series of light-hearted tweets which brought fans into a frenzy, the author tweeted “So! Here’s news! A vacancy has risen for my next ex-husband. One that is guaranteed to end amicably after a maximum of 4 years,” adding that the post is only valid for 1 to 3 years.

Though unpopular of a request, a number of responses were surprisingly received from interested bachelors who felt they meet her minimum requirements, “35-45, total brainbox, loves debate books, film, music, art or theatre.” Her intellectually demanding list does not come as a surprise. Gappah has published books that have won her international awards, she is certainly a brainbox with diverse cultural experience. And her job as an international lawyer in Switzerland means she is financially secure and independent, finances will definitely not be a problem.

“I can maintain myself, so no maintenance is required,” she reassured, “I can cook and can drink anyone under the table! I have excellent testimonials as an ex!” While some married men shot their shot, she did make it clear that “present wives” is not baggage that she can handle. She has never supported polygamy and is not going to start now. It will be interesting to see how all this unfolds, hopefully she meets her next soulmate.

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