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Actor Loyiso Macdonald takes us through what goes on during sex scenes

By Tatenda Marwodzi

SA actor from popular telenovelas sat down with podcast Mac G Unleashed and took us through the behind-the-scenes of some of his most raunchy sex scenes.

Loyiso MacDonald aged 34, has played a number of playboy scenes on award-winning shows The Queen and Intersexions. He has been dubbed as that quiet pretty boy with sexy demeanour. And for that, he has had his fair share of sex scenes on air.

“How do actors do the sex scene?” asks Mac G.

“Its simulated sex and generally there is no need to be a 100% nude. You’re completely clothed under the sheets,” he says.
“Sometimes there’s a way you can do them when you’re hardly even touching each other,” he adds.

Asked if he ever gets emotionally attached to his sex scene partners during these scenes, he says it’s impossible as it is “the most unnatural process, you’ve got a room full of the crew. It’s not really the time to get romantic. It’s not personal.”

He did however raise the concern of unfair treatment of female actors, he has witnessed the exploitation of female actors during sex scenes. For example, its common for directors to instruct female actors for a full-frontal nude scene without consent.

“It’s fine to do a full-frontal nudity scene if you know about it beforehand and are comfortable,” Loyiso says. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen half the time.

“For example, something that they’re pushing for to be made standard is to have a sensitivity coach, especially for intimate scenes. Someone who is a trained actor who can oversee the scene almost like a creative director.”

The role of the sensitivity coach will ensure that scenes are appropriate and that actors are fully comfortable while performing them.

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