AGSOSA: Bankole to sensitise members on economic liberation strategies

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The CEO Harmony Group, Femi Bankole has promised to promote an outreach on sensitizing members of Anglican Grammar School Old Students Association (AGSOSA) on personal economic liberation strategies toward upliftment, strengthen oneness among members home and abroad as well as ensure conflict resolution.

Bankole who is contesting for the post of Vice President 2 (Diaspora) of AGSOSA on the forthcoming elections of the association, addressing the members on Wednesday, while seeked for support to render needed service in humility, sincerity to the benefit of the association.

According to him, “I am a simple and innovative youngman with a progressive mindset who possesses solid and robust understanding of leadership precepts. From my youth, I imbibed the guiding principles that formed the foundation of who I have become today.

“Also, some of the invaluable lessons I learnt during my years at Anglican Grammar School, Okenla Ifo have all placed me in good stead in my sojourn abroad. Thank you very much for nominating me for the position of Vice President 2 (Diaspora) at the forthcoming general elections of the great alma mater AGSOSA”, he said.

He promised to bring on board performance; selfless service and empathy for the benefit of the Stakeholders. “I also promise to serve with emotional intelligence always looking for ways in my interactions to leave people and their circumstances better that I met them.

“The state of our economy is in a flux and we face security, economic and personal challenges daily but relational challenge is what I found more on our side. If elected Vice President 2 (Diaspora), I shall join the other members of the Executive in running an all-inclusive administration”, he said.

Bankole added that moral supportive measures to help new members in the diaspora in settling down; as well as develop programmes which will positively impact the lives of members of AGSOSA both home and abroad, while equally focusing on providing adequate guidance on possible migration as the need may arise.

“I will achieve all these through your maximum support as I am ready to diligently render needed service in humility and sincerity to the benefit of all stakeholders in our association. I promise to keep running a positive campaign that will espouse my policies and values; and to focus my energy on the wellbeing of the association if elected”.

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