Always be determine and consistent to overcome challenges- Dennis

The Founder and CEO of Kool-DOC Biz Koncept, Dennis Oluyemi Clement, a young entrepreneur and an experienced auditor. In this interview with OLUWASEUN SONDE speaks on the major challenge the company faced and how determination and consistency have made him overcome every challenges..

Can you tell us about Kool DOC and what make the company stand out in the competitive market?

Kool DOC is a commission agency business. We render financial services to our clients on behalf of the principals like buying and selling their products in our name. We also assist small business owners in making the most of their limited budgets.

We have been able to stand out because we provide good customer service and relation, we admit mistakes and fix problems.

What are the challenges facing the company and how have you been able to overcome?

The major challenge faced is that our clients keep demanding for longer payment on agency fees and this agency fees charged on a client base on the service we are to provide them. This is needed in order to allow us to fulfill the scope of the assignment.

How do you embrace manpower (Salary and incentive package) for your staff?

We belief in the power of consistency. The more an employee works on the job, the more value added to our business the more he or she earns and qualifies for other benefits.

What is your advice for people that wish to choose your line of business?

My advice to people that wish to do our kind of business is always be determined and consistent on the job which will make overcome every challenge and sail through.

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