Archibuilt on air, to enlighten general public on building- Akinfenwa

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Coordinator of Archibuilt, Mobolaji Akinfenwa, ‘Archibuilt’ an organization that continually bring to the fore trends, technologies, systems, and policy issues that impact the building industry’s intervention and responses to everyday living in this interview with our reporter Oluwaseun Sonde speaks on Archibuilt on air, a program to enlighten Nigerians about the use of professionals and the right building materials to be used in construction.

what brought about Archibuilt on air

Archibuilt on air was originated by the board and team of Archibuilt Development Service Limited (ADSL) to grow beyond the annual exposition which usually comes up in August, a platform where the professionals learn and educate general public about things in the built environment especially available building materials. Archibuilt on Air is a television program designed in particular for Architects and every other professionals in the built environment to educate the general public on solutions to some or most of the problems facing building industry

How has Archibuilt intend to solve challenges relating to building?

Part of the plan is to enlighten the general public about use of professional and right building materials to be used in construction. That’s why we have the phrase solutions to everyday living.

I learnt Archibuilt embarked of training programs for Nigerians , Can you enlighten us more about it

Archibuilt as earlier said is more focused on making people learn, and understand, when you have proper and right information about technology, it will be easy for you to do the right thing. The training goes beyond the Architects or builders, it’s for everyone in the built environment. Every professional is meant to learn everyday.

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