Armed South Sudanese men invade Turkana villages

By Susan Njire

Tension is high along the Kenya-South Sudan border after heavily armed men invaded Turkana villages in Mogilla. The men were wearing bullet belts, were seen carrying rifles and ammunition in a metalic container.

The aggressiveness of the men has caused tension at the border over fears of an impending conflict for water and pasture. Turkana pastrolists claim the men are targeting to occupy the only reliable water pan that was constructed in Kapatedie some 50 km from the border.

Mr. James Ekalale a herder in Lokiriwak village feared that despite the men crossing over with large herds of livestock, they are targeting to attack them and steal their livestock. Turkana west MP Daniel Epuyo said that the men who he claimed are more than 200, did not enter the country legally. He further said the group is acting like terrorists.

The Legislator noted that such an organised group to cross into the country with sophisticated weapons is like Kenya is under attack and their strategy is no different from that of a terrorist group. Residents of Turkana west led by Joseph Jalinga appealed to the state to evict the Invaders noting that besides the attacks, the Turkana villagers will stare at hunger and starvation as they will be pushed to grounds that have no pasture and with limited water for their livestock.

Turkana County Commissioner Muthama Wambua said he is aware of the invasion adding that the matter is being discussed in Nairobi to inform action to be taken.

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