Back to School dates for SA learners During Covid-19 Pandemic

By Nthabiseng Sekonyela

The Director- General of the Department of Education, Mathanzima Mweli, has announced to MPs that Gauteng learners in grade 12 and 7 will go back to school on the 6th of May 2020. South Africa is still on a National lockdown until the 1st of May 2020. As a result learners have been at home and advised to do home schooling and use online resources as well as the Dstv MindsetPop learning channel on 317.

However, the Department of Education has come to a decision to reopen schools despite the fact that COVID-19 infections in SA have skyrocketed to approximately 4 996 confirmed cases and 93 deaths. The DG of Education, Mweli, suggests that there will be no May/ June examinations and that students will be catching up during the June Examination season. Matriculants will supposedly write their preliminary examinations in late September, pushing their Finals towards end November and December.

It is also noted that the Department of Education will be introducing safety measures on all school premises. Learners will not be allowed to hug or touch each other, no huge school events will be allowed, no extracurricular activities will be allowed,classrooms, students and staff members will constantly sanitize their hands and surroundings.

There is a 14 day period between the reopening dates of every grade,these measures are to monitor progress as well as symptoms and to make sure that a new group is not introduced to a harmful environment. The department will reopen schools first for the seniors with hopes that they will be able to guide and assist younger grades when the time comes

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