Bauchi State moves to prevent Zamfara, Katsina Bandit experience

By Rukayat Akanbi

BAUCHI State Government has said that it would not allow the State to be turned into a sanctuary for criminality as experienced in Zamfara and Katsina states. State Governor, Bala Mohammed said this yesterday while inaugurating a 21-man administrative committee to profer solution to land dispute and land use act across the state.

Mohammed said that there are discrepancies in land allocation and usurpation of passage on land for the Fulani herdsmen, which he said has been the “monster bedeviling Nigeria’s common heritage and existence as a state”.

He said: “We must not allow our state to be a sanctuary for criminality, we know what is happening in other places like Zamfara and Katsina states and such unwholesome attitudes by the authorities, traditional institutions and even public servants and politicians are behind all these.

“As a government that has the safety and well-being of its people at heart, we will not fold our arms, and therefore it become imperative to set up this larger and powerful committee that is all embracing involving all departments and agencies that has got to do with management of our lands and forests in the Local Government Areas of the state to look at similar problems and challenges in order to address them holistically.”

He charged the Committee to find remedy to all the banditry and criminality that has been bedeviling the State. “Also the forces and bad practices that are forcing farmers and Fulani in the villages into banditry and criminality,” he said.

“There are no sacred cows in our government, ours is to make sure we provide salutary effects on the polity in such a manner that we will leave the society better than we found it.”

Mohammed said his administration has received several petitions on mismanagement of land across the 20 local government areas which has made him to instituted the panel. Over communal skirmishes, nine persons were maimed in Misau LGA while scores were injured. The Governor had subsequently suspended the LG Boss, Emir of Misau and other district heads to pave way for investigation.

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