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Benefits of ginger

By Susan Njire

According to doctors if you consume ginger everyday it will improve your health.Ginger has many benefits.

1.Manage acid reflux. This is commonly known as heartburn.Most medications that cure heartburn contain substances from ginger as it have antinausea and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

    2.Improved skin. Taking ginger is good for the skin.It aids in digestion and has good effects on how your skin looks like thus one cannot suffer from acne eczema and psoriasis.

   3.Conrol blood sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes type 2,it is always recommend that you eat ginger.

Other benefits includes treating chronic indigestion,lower risk of getting cancer, prevent heart diseases, treat morning sickness in pregnant women, natural way to relieve period pain and also it is a natural antibiotic.

It also fights infections.These are just but a few. However if consumed in excess it can have side effects since it interacts poorly with other medications.

Don’t consume more than 4grams in a day. some of the side effects are, abdominal discomfort,increased bleeding tendency during menses, can cause central nervous system depression if overdosed and many others.

In conclusion ginger is very good for the body but if it is making you feel worse stop taking it.

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