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Breaking: US election: Biden captures Delaware, New York, Washington

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The Democrats Candidate, Joe Biden has captured 11 states including his home state Delaware and big prize New York, plus the United States capital, Washington as the battle for US Presidential race continue.

Republican incumbent President, Donald Trump gotten 13 states including Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia, all states he won in 2016, while all states claimed by Biden were won by Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

So far, this gives Biden 126 electoral votes and Trump 89. The magic number is 270. Observers expect the hotly contested race for the White House to come down to a handful of key battleground states.

The list of the States won by each candidate and the corresponding number of electoral votes, based on the projections of US media including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC/NBC News, ABC, CBS and The New York Times. 

BIDEN (126)
Colorado (9)
Connecticut (7)
Delaware (3)
District of Columbia (3)
Illinois (20)
Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (11)
New Jersey (14)
New York (29)
Rhode Island (4)
Vermont (3)
Virginia (13)

TRUMP (89)
Alabama (9)
Arkansas (6)
Indiana (11)
Kentucky (8)
Louisiana (8)
Mississippi (6)
North Dakota (3)
Oklahoma (7)
South Carolina (9)
South Dakota (3)
Tennessee (11)
West Virginia (5)
Wyoming (3)

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