Broadmind Concepts gives about 50 percent service less – Akinfenwa

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Chief Executive Officer of Broadmind Concepts, Mr Akinfenwa Mobolaji in this interview with OLUWASEUN SONDE speaks on what makes Broadmind Concepts standout among construction companies, its services which is about 50% less to what is in the general market, with classical cost efficiency and a broad thought of solution to cost of building.

How would you describe Broadmind Concepts?
Broadmind Concepts is an Organisation that has her focus more on solving interior building challenges by providing solutions in a very affordable, cost efficient and durable manner to every class of individual and Corporate Organization. It also does construction projects professionally.

What aspired you into Broadmind Concepts?
We observed that there were lots of issues surrounding daily rise in cost of construction/ purchase or remodeling of residential buildings which was giving citizens serious concern of how to own a comfortable home, I then thought of causes and options of how to provide some solutions the noted issues by bringing together a team that can work for that purpose.

With the challenges facing the construction industry in Nigeria, how has Broadmind Concepts used it to its favour?
Well, one of the major challenge Nigerians are facing is the high cost of accommodation and cost of building construction. We have been able to identify various alternative to expensive material with equal,better quality and durability than the expensive conventional ones, this has been giving us an edge over our competitors and our costumers have been very appreciative of our solutions. So the bottom line is we had a broad thought of solution to cost of building. An example is our ceiling works. We have worked with prominent Architects in Nigeria and its  confirmed that our services are over 50% less than what is in the general market, with more advantages than the most conventional materials and methods. Nigeria is a blessed country, the major thing is that we need to be more aware of Informations around us, which is free most of the time and seek ways we can adopt them. Our current economic realities in the country has been more of an impetus to create more flexible products and services at very affordable rate without reducing the durability and quality of a structure

In what way has Broadmind Concepts helping its numerous clients to achieving affordable housing?
We work with professional Architects, Engineers, Builders, and  other relevant professionals in the construction industry in order to put up our special products and innovations thereby making luxury buildings more affordable. It is classical and cost efficient. However we have made achievements by delivering beyond our clients’ expectations. Our feedback forum gives us the confidence to say so.
Its a pure win win situation

Any words for your prospective clients out there?
Yes, as the CEO of Broadmind Concepts, I have few words. Information is very vital, this can be achieved by asking questions. We have branches in different location of the nation. We respond to every call, no client is too small or big. Our services gives you great result because we think broadly, we act broadly and we will continue to remain Broadmind.

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