Buhari must purge himself of his dictatorship trait

By solomon Odeniyi

Yes, he was not just a retired general, he ruled the country as the head of state during this younger days. it was said of how rigid and did tolerated nonsense then. And this according to reports led to the effectiveness of the War against indiscipline he established then.

it was also reported how he came up with obnoxious rules that suppressed the right of the media then. fast forward, he is now the president in a democratic setting and the trait of a dictator could still be found in the incumbent. of recent is the case involving Sowere who had been granted bail only for the DSS to rearrest him in an infamous manner right at the temple of justice.

This is just one out of many cases we are all witnesses to during President Buhari’s administration. A leading newspaper in the country took their protest a notch higher, joining others to condemn the action of the president and resorted to calling Buhari by his last military rank and referred to his administration as regime.

Beyond this, the president must be called to order. our democracy is at a very fragile stage. His dictatorial actions must stop or else it will bring about civil disobedience to the rule of law. He must show he has changed to become a true democrat.

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