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Buhari’s adminstration invested in national integration- Osinbajo

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has said that in 50 years since the end of the war, the administration have invested in national integration, peace building and reconciliation which has been a lot less than perfect task.

While in Umuahia recently, to visit the National War Musuem commissioned in 1989, established to preserve the relics of the Nigerian Civil War and serve as a memorial to the soldiers, civilians, other casualties of the Civil War and conflicts in Nigeria. He said the administration mission is to build a nation that works for all and yet, nation building is hard work and bringing together multiplicity of ethnicity under one banner is an onerous but necessary task.

“The last 50 years belonged to us, but the next 50 belong to our children and we must unshackle them from ghosts of ancient grudges & grievances.By their conduct, our children show us that it is possible to forge friendships, let us give them a chance to do better than ourselves. “Even with challenges, those setbacks should not induce hopelessness or despondency.

The generations born after the Civil War are navigating the adventure of being Nigerian on different terms from their forebears”, he said. He added that by intermarrying, migrating and commingling in the quest for love and livelihood, they are forging alliances in business, civil society and politics.

“Without mincing words, the civil war was a defining national tragedy and a robust national conversation is necessary to aid the process of healing and reconciliation. “I also had the opportunity to interact with many at the Town hall meeting. I believe together, Nigeria will prevail”, he said.

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