Bulawayo decommissions Umzingwane dam

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Water woes for Bulawayo will not end any time soon. The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has confirmed that another dam has been decommissioned affecting water consumption in Bulawayo. Umzingwane dam was one of six water sources supplying over 30 mega liters for Bulawayo. Unfortunately lack of adequate rains in the Matebeleland area has caused the dam to be at a low capacity of only 36%.

Umzingwane dam is the second dam to be decommissioned after Upper Ncema was withdrawn from service in June this year. This leaves only four dams serving the big city. On average daily consumption is more than 130 mega liters but the remaining dams can only pump 95 mega liters.

Residents of Bulawayo now face 96 hour water cuts with high density areas being affected the most. The City Council has no solution at the moment but urges residents to use water sparingly during these tough times.

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