Carrington championed Democratic Freedom in Nigeria, says Tinubu

By Oluwaseun Sonde

National Leader of All Progressive Congress APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Walter Carrington, had openly and unconditionally championed the advent of democratic freedom and constitutional governance in Nigeria, as Carrington was the citizen of one country but surely the brave and passionate son of two nations.

While expressing his deep saddness over the passing of the former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria on his official Twitter handle on Saturday, Tinubu thanked God for giving Amb. Carrington a long life of 90 years full of exemplary deeds and the best of human achievement.

He said, “Ambassador Carrington came to Nigeria on a diplomatic assignment but his true mission was even more sublime. Walter was both an African and an American. This identity he knew full well for it shaped who he was and guided what he did. The best of both worlds was evident in him. This man may have been the citizen of one country but he was surely the brave and passionate son of two nations”.

He added that Walter Carrington was a renowned scholar, author, and astute, innovative diplomat. “These things are excellent but they don’t tell the full picture. He was much more than that. He was a proud and noble black man who stood up for his convictions when it would have been easier to simply turn and look the other way.

“We were in the clutches of an epic battle between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and oppression, between enlightened progress and authoritarian reaction. Carrington could have maintained a diplomatic distance. He could have acted cozily with the Abacha regime”, he said.

He emphasized that without the courage and contributions of Walter Carrington, democracy might not have come when, and as it did. “Certainly, more of our democracy activists would have suffered and perhaps lost their lives but for his extraordinary intervention.

“In helping to secure the blossom of democracy, he became a thorn in the side of the regime and of those who simply cannot stand a good democracy or people being free. We thank Walter Carrington for his love of us, and his special contributions to this country”.

He offered his condolences to Carrington loving wife and Arese, who was a wonderful partner to Walter. “This man became a bridge between Africa and the African-American. Let us continue his legacy by expanding and strengthening that bridge for the benefit of our race.

“Ambassador Carrington has gone to be with God.But before he left, he taught us by example what it means to be pan-Africanist. Now we must follow. Well done Ambassador Carrington”, he hailed.

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