Chaos as protestors block busy Nairobi road

By Susan Njire

Youths in Mathare barricaded Juja road as they protest in Nairobi. The riots resulted in traffic disruption on the road which was meant to act as an alternative route as a section of Thika road was closed due to ongoing construction. There were conflicting reports over the cause of the protests with some indicating that the youths were decrying delayed payment under the government’s kazi mtaani initiative.

Others stated that the riots were due to protestors being denied rights to sell illegal alcohol following a recent crack down in the area. It was also reported that the rowdy youths robbed motorists who found themselves on road. Motorists were advised to use different routes to avoid experiencing losses in protests.

Earlier on, the Kenya National Highway Authority KeNHA was forced to act and manage a traffic snarl- up along Thika road after motorists spent over three hours stuck on the superhighway. At the same time Juja road which is one of the alternative  routes and was expected to ease pressure on the road but was blocked by the protestors. Traffic flow along the Thika superhighway is gradually opening up after the reopening of the service lanes on-site at the garden City footbridge.

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