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By Wallace Muiru

Across Kenya, Jolly Poultry is increasingly offering rural families both food and financial empowerment – and as take-up grows, the company’s impact on marginalized groups, especially women and the youth, could prove phenomenal.

Jolly Poultry is a farm operated by Jolly’s Footprints Ltd based in Kajiado County, Kenya. The farm is the only trusted company to supply F1 commercial Kuroiler in Kenya.


Teresiah Ng’ang’a, the pioneer behind this innovative business, is convinced that agri-business in the correct move towards development of an agriculturally based economy country and attainment of vision 2030. In an era marred by malnutrition, poverty and gender disparity, Jolly Poultry is increasingly investing in rural households by using Kuroiler chicken as an agent of socio-economic transformation. Many small-scale farmers have in the recent past embraced this idea and grabbed the opportunity to use backyard poultry farming to their benefit.

KUROILER is a rural-specific, multicolored dual-purpose bird developed essentially for smallholder farmers raising them in rural scavenging conditions. It is an excellent converter of agricultural, natural and village or kitchen waste to egg and poultry meat production with minimal supplementation of grains.

Explaining her past, Mumbua, of Makaveti in Machakos says: “We are poor people. When food prices in the market keep rising, we hardly have a choice to buy nutritious food for our children and the family.” After six months of rearing Kuroiler chicken in her backyard, she now has many reasons to smile. “Because I raise the chickens in my backyard, I am in a position now to add egg and meat to our food plates and allow my children grow well with adequate protein intake. I am also in a position to pay for my needs simply by selling a few cocks at a good price”

‘Our vision is to create socioeconomic impact through improving the livelihoods of farmers at the bottom of the pyramid using poultry as a basic livestock in many homesteads.’ Said Teresia in a past interview.

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