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Christians are deceived with fake miracles – Ibiyemi

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Senior Pastor, United Christian Church, Apostle Kola Ibiyemi has said that many gullible christians have been decieved by many anti Christ prophets by showcasing fake miracles and fake testimonies.

While speaking with our journalist on “Deceitfulness of some men of God on miracles showcasing” recently, he said “let me open your eyes to one of the fake miracles some “men of God” still use today in deceiving blinded church goers.

“Fire from heaven like Elijah did. In their own case fire don’t come from heaven but from the beneath. The trick is this, just like magician tricks,they add potassium permanganate, glycerin, glycerin and little spray of water what you will have is fire starter.

It is just elementary chemistry”, he said. He said it’s just trick. “You will see how blinded church goers will be screaming as if it’s a miracle but just a trick. “They do this to brainwash members to believing they are powerful while they exploit them”, he said.

He added that whatever challenges Christians are facing, they should steadfast in prayer, with faith, obedience, God will answer. “Put your trust in God not in man, fake prophets are just after your little money to enrich themselves while poor so that you will always come to them.

“Apostle Paul said, if he dies he dies for Christ and if he lives he lives for Christ. Don’t allow the challenges of life to turn you to a prey. “Ask the pastors, did Christ ask for peace offering, first fruit offering, etc before he blessed people that he had encounter with? he said.

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