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Coronavirus patient Cuts His Own Throat at Mbagathi Hospital

By Esther Nyambura

A 30-year-old COVID-19 patient attempts to slit his throat in Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi. The patient was admitted at the facility on Saturday for the 14 days quarantine. Medical personnel who were attending to other patients heard him struggle and rushed to his rescue.

According to police and medical personnel, the patient broke a fluorescent tube and used some pieces to slit his throat. Reports say that he was counselled and was told that he is young, he will recover and he is not the only one who is sick.

A report noted that police were allowed to access the isolation centre after wearing protective gear. People have been complaining about centres and that’s why surveillance has been increased to ensure patients are safe, and won’t consider isolation as a form of prison.

Recently, a number of Kenyans who have been under quarantine in government facilities have complained of the hefty costs. The ministry of health has admitted that it was aware of the inconvenience at quarantine centres but maintains the practice of protecting the public from COVID-19.

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