Coronavirus prophecy: TB Joshua claims the Holy Spirit misled him

By Tatenda Marwodzi

A Nigerian prophet, who was attacked for spreading false prophecy about the coronavirus has finally broken his silence blaming the “holy spirit” for misleading him.

Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church openly declared in March of this year that the coronavirus pandemic would end specifically on the 27th.

“This month, 27th, it will end” he said referring to the coronavirus pandemic. When D-day arrived, Christians waited in anticipation for reports that the pandemic had ended.

To their dismay, countries around the world continued recording new infections. From march 27 to date, the world has recorded 1 565 365 new cases and 59 632 deaths.

“I am not a politician, I just have to give you the information as the holy spirit gave me,’ he said, defending himself. His followers have also come to his rescue saying that his prophecy was targeted to people in Wuhan city despite the fact that China has reported 2071 new cases since March 27.

While the world has made strides towards fighting the pandemic, it is too soon to claim that the fight is over. The World Health Organization urges individuals to practice social distancing and good hygiene. Governments are urged to ramp up mass testing to compliment restrictive lockdowns.

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