Covid-19: Bauchi Govt slashes fiscal budget by N39b

By Rukayat Akanbi

Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Aminu Gamawa has said that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bauchi State Government has slashed its fiscal year budget downward by N39Billion “to reflect economic reality”. Aminu Gamawa while addressing journalists after Executive Council meeting on Wednesday, said the reviewed document will be sent to the State House of Assembly for deliberation and passage.

He said: “The Governor has set up a Committee to advise him on the economic implications of Covid-19, after deliberation at the Executive, His Excellency directed that our medium term expenditure framework –which includes our multi year budget documents should be revised to meet economic realities.”

“The last budget was N167billion but the current budget is N128billion –that is, we have scaled down the amount of capital projects we want to carry out. We believe that projects that are not going to be implemented should not be part of our budget,” he said.

Gamawa said the government is making it “more realistic” that only the projects that are feasible were retained in the document while those that are perceived unrealistic were expunged.

According to him, projects that are important as induced by Covid-19 have been added –particularly in sectors like health, education, agriculture and empowerment. “For instance, we have purchased some tricycles to cushion the hardship caused by the motorcycle ban,” Gamawa explained.

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