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COVID-19: Crossover: South Africa honors lost lives with candlelight

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The South African Governments has organised a candlelight on New Year Eve, to mourn the South African lives, especially the frontline workers, lost in the fight against COVID-19.

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa disclosed this on his official social platform on Thursday, he said “tonight we light a candle in recognition of the contribution made by our frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19”.

He further said South Africans light a candle to mourn the lives that have been lost in the fight against this pandemic. “We light a candle as a symbol of hope for the way forward”.

In his message to the nation on New Year Eve, Ramaphosa said as this year draws to a close, we mourn the loss of relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours who succumbed to COVID-19.
“As a nation, we mourn the loss of several eminent South Africans and people from all walks of life. Even as we were struck by coronavirus, we had to confront another pandemic that has long plagued our nation.
“We mourn the many women and children who lost their lives at the hands of men. We think of the many more who have had to endure rape and beatings, abusive relationships and sexual harassment.
“We think of the many children that have been injured and traumatised by adults, the very people who are responsible for their wellbeing and safety”, he said.
He noted that in the face of both these pandemics, South Africans have remained resolute, determined to overcome the coronavirus, and determined to end gender-based violence.
He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to every South African for the courage and the perseverance with which you have confronted this crisis, while thanked the health and social services workers for taking care of people who are ill, hungry or lonely.
“Even as the New Year dawns, in hospitals and other health facilities across the nation, committed health workers are caring for the sick in the face of a severe resurgence of infections”, he said.

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