By Niyi Maraiyesa

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The FCT Ministerial Task Team on Enforcement of COVID-19 Protocols, on Thursday has debunked the rumors that the task force extort money from the members of the public in the guys of enforcement of COVID-19 protocols.
The head media of the FCT Ministerial Task Team Ikaro Atah disclosed this in a interview with journalist in Abuja pointed out that there is no approved body or group that the chairman of the Team, the FCT Commissional of police Bala Chiroma permitted to demand for money in the name of the FCT Ministerial Tasks Team on COVID 19.

“We don’t go out asking people for money, on issues that relate to COVID 19 we actually avoid people to ask them to give us money for what ever. But it’s quite disturbing that we have hard sure rumors before that people go round in the name of COVID 19 and we want to make it clear that we don’t have any office like COVID 19 inspectors officers who we have assigned to go round.

Atah warned those that partake in the act to desist.
“The FCT commissioner of police who is our chairman has not approved any officer to go round and all those who is in this act should desist from it. The PTF at the national level has given COVID 19 the guild line and protocols for us to observe. “
He emphasized on residents that are getting married to watch out for fraudsters.
“If someone is getting married they should be care of persons who comes in the name of the Tasks Team to extort money from them. Even if we have to go to any events for compliance, we go enmass, we go in group , we correct what we want if there is the need for us to apprehend those who are violating we apprehend them. So those persons who are disguising from any group that they are Covid-19 inspectors officers going particularly to events centers , especially marriages and social events are not from us . “
“They don’t represent us. I called on events planners and managers to obey the Covid 19 rules given by the PTF and not to patronize touts . “”
The Tasks Team also advised residents to avoid noise pollution and keep to the environmental laws and guild lines. 

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