Covid-19: FIFA, WHO in collaboration to launch awareness campaign

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The international governing body of football FIFA, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) by launching a new awareness campaign led by world-renowned footballers.

This was made known at the official social platform of the world body WHO on Wednesday, the world-renowned footballers who are this opportunity to call on people around the world to follow five key steps to stop the spread of the disease.

The “Pass the message to kick out coronavirus” campaign will promote five key steps for people to follow to protect their health in line with WHO guidance which are, focused on hand washing, coughing etiquette, not touching your face, physical distance and staying home if feeling unwell.

Meanwhile, Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-19, based on the information received so far and on WHO experience with other coronaviruses, which appears to spread mostly through respiratory droplets (for instance produced when a sick person coughs) and close contact. This is why WHO recommends maintaining hand and respiratory hygiene. 

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