COVID-19: Singapore tightens measures ahead of CNY celebration

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The Singaporean Government has decided to tighten up its safe management measures to curb and reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 infections ahead of the Chinese New Year (CNY) festivities.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong who disclosed this on his official social platform on Saturday, stated that during festive season, there is higher risk of transmission as interactions in the community increase.

According to him, “Starting next Tuesday, each household may only receive eight visitors per day. If you are visiting others, please limit yourself to visiting two households a day, and visit family members only”.

He added that these stricter measures will surely disappoint all of Singaporeans looking forward to celebrating CNY. “But we must psychologically prepare ourselves to celebrate CNY differently this year”.

He cited an example of neighboring countries who are experiencing high in COVID-19 infections. “Just look at the countries near and far experiencing repeated surges in cases, and you will see why we need to stay vigilant”, he said.

He noted that it’s exactly a year since the first confirmed of COVID-19 case in Singapore. “The year has gone by at breakneck pace, as we all struggled to cope with the unprecedented chaos and disruption to our lives.

“Through immense effort and sacrifice, we’ve got ourselves to a stable situation. Our vaccination programme is underway, with seniors starting to get their shots next week”, he said.

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