COVID-19: Tokyo 2020 Olympic may not hold next year – Organizer

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The President of the Organizing Committee of Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori has said that Tokyo Olympics could not be held next year if conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continue as they are Mori made this known while responding to an interview with Japanese Broadcaster NHK on Wednesday, he said he was hopeful the situation would improve and suggested a vaccine was the key.

According to him, “If this kind of situation with COVID-19 continues, is it possible to hold the games? If current situation continues, we couldn’t,” Mori replied. Mori noted that whether the Olympics can be done or not all depends if humanity can beat the Coronavirus. “Specifically, to develop a vaccine or drug is the first point”, he said.

Earlier, International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese organizers have repeatedly expressed confidence the games will take place, though they have offered few details on how they can happen in the middle of a pandemic. Meanwhile, About 1,000 deaths in Japan have been attributed to the coronavirus. Tokyo has seen a rising number of daily cases in the last few weeks, which reached a high of almost 300 last week.

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