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COVID-19: US Expert worries over massive delays in vaccination

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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An Health Expert in United States of America, Craig Spencer has said that since the roll out of COVID-19 vaccine two weeks ago, way more Americans have been diagnosed with the virus than were vaccinated against it.

He made this known on his Twitter handle @Craig_A_Spencer on Wednesday, Craig said the stated goal of vaccinating 20 million by year end definitely won’t happen, while at this rate, it would take years to vaccinate enough Americans.

According to him, “For months we’ve been concerned that the last-mile logistics of the vaccine rollout weren’t as well-coordinated as the amazing science that got us vaccines in record time.

“And now that vaccines are here, we’re seeing massive delays in getting vaccine out and injected into arms. Creating a safe vaccine in record time is undoubtedly hard”, he said.

He noted that getting it out quickly, all across the country, in vials at subarctic temperatures, to facilities big and small, and ultimately into peoples’ arms in a coordinated fashion is arguably harder.

“Some of this delay is due to long-term underinvestment in public health facilities, people and infrastructure. Also due to the lack of a coordinated plan and inadequate funding. This should’ve been in place months ago”, he said.

He further said everyday and every delay matters. “Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s faint and the tunnel is longer than it might appear.

“We absolutely need to do everything possible to quickly get vaccines out. And in the meantime, double-down on the simple things we know save lives”, he said.

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