CS Magoha issues guidelines before reopening schools

By Susan Njire

CS George Magoha representing the ministry of education has released the final guidelines for reopening on all learning institutions during the covid-19 pandemic.The guidelines are aimed at protecting the learners, teachers and other staffs at learning institutions from contacting Corona virus.The ministry has documented what must be done before and after the schools reopen.

Magoha said said priority should be given to candidates and opening of schools should be gradual and even learners attending in shifts.According to the CS preparations of critical policies procedures and financing plans are needed to improve schooling with a focus on safe operations.Here are some of the guidelines and requirements that must be met before opening schools.

1. Ministry of health expert advice.

2. Social distancing in the commonly shared areas like classrooms, dormitory, dinning hall,water points, toilets and assembly ground.

3. Adequate cleaning water.

4. Adequate and appropriate hand washing facilities at proximity of users.

5. Provision of adequate liquid soap.

6. Hand sanitizer to be used under supervision of adults where water and soap is not available.

7. Use of facemask or face shield by learners and staffs.

8. Thermogun for daily temperature monitoring and record keeping.

9. Supply for cleaning detergents and disinfectants.

10. Reorganisation of institutions programmes to avoid congestion of learners and staffs in one place.

11. Referral systems for the provision of mental health and psychosocial support for learners,trainees and staff.

12. Ensuring continued learning to all cohorts.

13. Establishing surveillance mechanism.

14. Capacity building key stakeholders on public health and hygiene protocols to ensure compliance.

Lastly he emphasized more on the need to invest more on infrastructure of buildings for social distancing, well ventilated classes, water sanitation and hygiene to mitigate risks and focus on remedial education to compensate lost time.</div>

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