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DACA: Obama, Facebook Boss reacts to US Supreme Court’s decision

By Oluwaseun Sonde

Former President, Barack Obama and Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg have expressed happiness on the decision of the US Supreme Court to block President Donald Trump’s attempt to terminate the Deferred Action for Chidhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA is Former President Barack Obama’s programme, which protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the US as children from deportation got the apex court’s approval. The opinion is the second time in a week when the Supreme Court bolstered with two of President Donald Trump’s nominees ruled against the Trump administration. The court said LGBTQ Americans were protected under the Civil Rights Act.

The ruling emphasizes that the administration failed to provide an adequate reason to justify ending the DACA program. It was a blow to the Trump administration, as immigration reform has been a lynchpin of Trump’s agenda. It means that for now, participants in the program can continue to renew membership in the program that offers them work authorization and temporary protection from deportation.

Meanwhile, Former President Barack Obama weighed in on the decision through his Tweet on Thursday, writing of DACA recipients: “Today, I’m happy for them, their families, and all of us. We may look different and come from everywhere, but what makes us American are our shared ideals,” Obama wrote, noting that the program was created eight years ago this week.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in his reaction on social platform on Thursday, he said, “I’m deeply grateful that the Supreme Court ruled that DACA will remain in place. For many years, Priscilla and I have been fighting to ensure that Dreamers (undocumented young people who came to America as children) can continue to live and work in the United States”.

He further said “DACA recipients are our mentees, neighbors, friends and colleagues. They make our communities, economy and country stronger. More needs to be done to protect DACA recipients and their families. The Court’s decision still leaves the possibility for the DACA program to be terminated in the future”.

He emphasized on hoping there will be no future efforts to eliminate this program, which currently allows for the 29,000 DACA recipients working in health care and thousands of other essential workers to fully contribute in the fight against Covid-19. “We continue to urge Congress to pass legislation to give DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship. For many of them, this is the only country they’ve known, and they should be recognized as the Americans they are”, he said.

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