Dads from limbo.

By Peter Karoki

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Who that man!
My mom worked in Kitengela in the late 90s before she moved to the village and settle as a farmer. Behind me was a beautiful daughter of hers who happened to be my sister.

Wairimu and I were not the best buddies that life had offered, infact ata leo(up to date) we never seem to solve our differences amicably. There is acertain level of misunderstanding yenye ni ngumu(which is hard) to squash.

Anyho as years went by, one of the village bachelor’s wooed my mum into marriage and she heeded to his plea. She got into marriage at the age of 30plus. I was only 10 years around then my sis was 3.

It didn’t take long before the fucker started mistreating us. The son of whatever would beat my mum endlessly and later on lock us in the house and threaten to kill us using a panga.

“Úmúthi nongúmúraga!” ( I must kill you tonight ) The sucker would tell us.

My lil sis would embrace with tears rolling down her cheeks calling our nana.

“Wairimú,” mum atakuja atupeleke kwa cúcú(our mum will take to our Granny’s) .

I would comfort her amidst blows and slaps.
This was not the first time the mzee had beaten the hell out of me because of playing with my acquaintances or waking up late. The worst of it all is that he would use a lash to caress my bare ass.

When mom gave birth to our lastborn brother, the old geezer made me wash all the napkins kwanza with poop for more than a week. Mum would soak them in the morning to come and clean later but the heckler would order me to wash them.

Among the best decisions that my mum ever made was divorcing the nukes guy. Her life changed immensely and beautifully when she decided to free herself from the shackles. She is now lighter.
Her skin glows .
She has a business.
She loves us all.
We have cookouts once every month where we meet, chat and exchange flowers.

Gathee ako ushago tu akiwakunywa. ( The ole man is still drinking his life away as he gyrates with his grandchildren. Lost is his sanity in the land yonder full of ignoramuses)

If you cant love her with her kids, keep off and let her live. The biggest mistake that an abusive father can ever make is thinking that his step children will never grow up to be adults. 

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