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Dean: Ramaphosa Is Lying, Misleading The Nation

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

South Africa as a country definitely have many things that peculiar to their existence as a nation, and human being, and one of those may be cigarette smoking, as it has attracted many controversies during its ban in this period of COVID-19 by the Cyril Ramaphosa government.

The tone of voice of the South Africa shadow Minister of Trade, Dean MacPherson while interrogating President Cyril Ramaphosa in a parliamentary session concluded that the president is misleading the nation on the tobacco consumption and ban in the country. Dean’s question cost Ramaphosa to get the balance required of him in the session as he have himself contradicted while given a date to lift ban on cigarettes in the country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has on a number of times showing that, his administration lack the synergy required to them, as he keeps losing the race to meet up with the pronouncement credited to some of his ministers. From COGTA Minister Dlamini Zuma to Jackson Mtembu and Zweli Mkhize, Ramaphosa has been in an obvious contrast to the stand of those ministers and making, them losing the credibility outside the government.

It should be reminded that, COGTA Minister Dlamini Zuma has been the major officers scolded with much criticism owing to the indifferent from Mr. President and more reasons why MacPherson was able to accused the president of inconsistency and act of dishonesty.

But does Ramaphosa Administration have any viable evidence to support the continuous ban of the tobacco consumption in the country? How does the ban on smoking have effects on public and individual health?

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