Delhi Elections 2020 – Changing Indian Politics

By Rehan Rajput

Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 unfolded as a new pattern of Indian Politics. This Election got proved antithetical to the Indian Politics stereotypes. Delhi Election showed beginning to a new road not to only Delhiites, but for 1.25 Billion Indians. This new trend admonishes the perception and very vocal thought which says – Elections cannot be won on the basis development & work done by the Government. Otherwise, Indian Political campaigns were obsessed with a Politics of Hate, Temple – Mosque issues, Religious sloganeering & Everything irrespective of what a Political campaign should be all about – Development, Government accountability & Factual debates.

            If we look deeply into the Political Campaigns of two Mainstream Political Parties – AAP & BJP, we find this election as one of the well-prepared elections where Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was in one tone throughout the Election – “Kaam pe Vote” (Vote on Work) and BJP was head over heels with its Politics of Hate, Mandir – Masjid, Hindu – Muslim & newly added Shaheen Bagh issue. Arvind Kejriwal and AAP could swiftly maintain its positive momentum over his much talked Urban Governance model till the Voting Day which resulted in a huge win. Whereas BJP Leaders came up with Hate speeches and needless to say, they had no contribution or development work for the people of Delhi, they could speak about.

            Unambiguously, this Election was also seen as a Most Divisive election as BJP had put everything on Stake for winning this Election. Party fielded all its big faces in the election campaign in Delhi. From Prime Minister to Home Minister Amit Shah & from Union Ministers to MLA’s. Many of its Senior Leaders such as Anurag Thakur & Parvesh Verma was seen leading provocative slogans against one particular community during the election campaign. And, these statements had even worse effects on-ground campaign. AAP National Spokesperson & Greater Kailash MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj exposed about the hateful campaign of BJP in an interview to NDTV. Mr Bhardwaj recited a few scenarios that he witnessed in his own constituency where BJP workers used to instigate Voters by saying – This AAP is a Muslim party. Will you vote for a Muslim Party? Will you sell the country for 200 rupees’ free electricity? And, so on such communal & dangerous tricks were applied by BJP. This is how BJP talked about the Erosion of one particular community and Rhetorically Union Minister called Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal a Terrorist.

            AAP’s freebies schemes were also the talk of the town in Delhi Elections. BJP accused the AAP Governance model a model of freebies which is not in the interest of the people of Delhi. AAP replied to the accusations with the fact & figures says BJP led Central & U.P regime also offers freebies like Free Laptop schemes. Lastly, this dirty game played by the BJP proved wrong and blighted BJP in return. Arvind Kejriwal & AAP won in the name of their Development works – Doorstep services, Mohalla clinic, Free Electricity, Free healthcare, Free water, Free bus for women etc. And Significantly, a high-quality positive campaign followed by Mohalla Sabha & Town hall meetings got AAP 62 and BJP only 8 out of 70 Delhi Assembly seats.

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