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Dental hygiene: Don’t rinse after brushing! Read this

By Joy Emeh

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People often wonder what to do to make their teeth stainless and appear well-nurtured. Use of different dental products and regular visits to dentists are being recommended to enhance one’s dental health however, people most times ignore the very basic dental routine or they simply don’t get it right.

95% of people especially in this part of the world rinse their mouth immediately after brushing and this is not right. For the sake of your dental health, do not rinse immediately after you brush. You may wonder why.

This is because toothpaste is designed to serve as a form of tooth treatment. Just the way you apply relaxer on your hair and allow it some minutes to work, you should do the same with toothpastes.

Not rinsing immediately will give it more time to work on the teeth and bring out a sparkling result. This also makes your teeth stronger and your breathe fresher.

What are the basic things to do to keep your teeth healthy? • Spit out excess toothpaste after brushing, do not rinse your mouth. • Brush your mouth (the whole of your oral cavity) thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. • Brush your teeth twice a day (ensure you do this every night). • Make use of a soft toothbrush and avoid using a hard one as it could cause damage to your gums.

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