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Dettol dispels speculation that it’s products can cure new coronavirus

By Tatenda Marwodzi

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Dettol has dispelled speculation that its products can cure the 2019 n-CoV coronavirus. The leading disinfectant brand addressed consumers after a picture of a Dettol bottle claiming to protect against coronavirus blew up on social media.

The disinfectant label on the back of a Dettol product claims it can protect against bacteria and viruses in particular it “Kills Flu Virus (H1N1), Cold Viruses (Human coronavirus and RSV)” which consumers mistook to mean that the disinfectant can cure the new strain named the 2019 n-CoV coronavirus. Consumers have thus been panic buying and stocking up on Dettol sanitizers and disinfectants.

To address this misunderstanding the leading disinfectant manufacturer released a statement explaining the difference between the novel 2019 n-CoV, SARS and MERS. “Our products have been tested against other coronaviruses ( such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV) and have been found to be effective against those” read the press release by the brand.

Dettol went on to explain that the current 2019 n-CoV is a new strain, and although it is similar to other coronaviruses, Dettol products have not yet been tested against it.

The brand however has admitted that it has taken an active role supplying its products to hospitals in Wuhan, China to promote hygiene.

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