Dr Guramatunhu: “Black women, stop wearing weaves”

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Controversial eye specialist, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu has once again come in the spotlight for bashing black women that wear hair extensions. During an in-depth interview on the show ‘In Conversation with Trevor’, the doctor shared the horrific process of manufacturing human and synthetic hair.

On one of his travels to India, he encountered a ritual of shaving off hair from corpses before burial but instead of having the hair destroyed, the hair was taken to factories where it was processed into artificial hair.

“They showed me a warehouse full of that hair and I asked the gentlemen in there why they had all this hair and they said – Oh, black people love this hair,” the doctor recited. While the factory claims to remove all lice and impurities from the hair, the one property that cannot be removed is the genetic material.

“Hair does not die, so when women wear this artificial hair there’s an exchange of genetic material,” Guramatunhu explained. He added that it is very disheartening to see black women neglect their own natural hair in favour of these genetically unhygienic hairs.

According to market research firm Euromonitor International, the human and synthetic hair industry generates a total of US$6 billion every year from sales in Africa alone with women spending up to US$2000 for a hairpiece.

Dr Guramatunhu argues that it is unnecessary to spend so much on artificial hair because the black woman was blessed with the most beautiful and versatile hair. He added that natural hair can be worn as dreadlocks, a curly afro, straightened or plaited in various ways.

A property no other race possesses. While he agrees that women should be free to decide how they want to wear their hair, he feels it’s also important to be hygienic. Apart from DNA transfer, weaves can contribute to lice and dandruff because the hair underneath often goes unwashed for weeks and months.

He urged black women to embrace their natural hair as it is the most beautiful of all hair.

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