Final respect for slain Kevin Omwenga

By Susan Njire

Kevin Omwenga was buried today,a week after he was shot dead in his rented house at Galana suites in Kilimani,a case which is still under investigationThe 28years old was buried at the family home in Kitutu Chache South in Kisii county. The ceremony was attended by flamboyant politicians and businessmen.

Kenyans joined his family members and friends in paying tribute to the murdered kilimani businessman as they shared mixed reactions. Among the guests were Steve Mbogo, Zaheer Jhanda,Don Bosco,Charles Nyagoto and several other Ward representatives from Kisii. The politicians said Omwenga was a hard-working person whose death is regrettable. Mr Nyagoto said they were keenly following the investigations and that they are expecting nothing but justice to prevail.

Omwenga’s relatives and friends also called for justice. His brother Wycliffe Omwenga noted that they are orphans and that their mother and sister died within the last one year. His brother said,“ Let justice be done to my brother Kevin,I raised him after the death of our father. The one who shot you knows the reason why he did so. God will deal with him in his best way.” May his soul rest in peace as he is laid to rest.

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