First Lady spends time with rural folk

By Tatenda Marwodzi

First lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa is spreading Christmas cheer by visiting the elderly and rural folk across the country. Her first stop was in the rural town of Chachacha, were she spent the day doing chores, cooking and donating food hampers.

In particular, she cleaned 86 year old Gogo Ethas Mabope’s hut, did her laundry and cooked her sadza (corn meal). They enjoyed the tasty meal with some of Gogo Mabope’s neighbors.

First lady Mnangagwa was humble enough to spend time learning how to prepare traditional dishes from Ambuya Siyapi, another old aged lady from the community of Chachacha. And one of the elderly ladies had this to say,

“She is the First Lady of Zimbabwe, but she still has respect for other people and this is the right kind of women the country must have. I will always pray for her so that she can continue coming here to see us. She is a real mother with a heart of gold. I just do not know how best I can thank her for this gesture.

” The first lady performed all chores whole heartedly. She displayed care and love when she sat down on reed mats to socialize with the old aged citizens. They shared stories and laughter.

She encouraged rural folk to always keep their homes and surroundings clean to avoid the spread of diseases. Amai Mnangagwa also took time to show the younger ladies how to maintain hygiene in a home.

More visits to rural areas by the First Lady are expected during this festive season.

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