Four Gangetic Dolphins released in river amidst lockdown

Four Gangetic Dolphins were rescued from a canal and successfully released in the Ghaghara river, which has a healthy population of the species, on May 24 amidst the lockdown in the wake of Covid-19.

The animals were first sighted on May 17 in the Indira canal which falls under the Dewa Range of Barabanki district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The forest department was informed. Following this, a team from the Turtle Survival Alliance- India was notified, which participated in the rescue mission.

Gangetic dolphins often become stranded in the extensive canal systems of Uttar Pradesh. Once stranded, it becomes impossible for them to exit the canals. Decreasing water levels, declining food sources, temperature gradient and risk of accidental or intentional killing jeopardize their survival.

All the four dolphins were identified as newly matured sub-adults. There were two males and two females. The operation was a joint effort among the Uttar Pradesh forest and wildlife departments, Turtle Survival Alliance-India and supported by the Wildlife Trust of India.

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