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Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein arrested

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime business and romantic partner, Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested for her role in Epstein’s’ sex trafficking operation. Ms Maxwell (48) was arrested by the FBI at her home in Bradford New Hampshire early Thursday morning.

“Early this morning Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by FBI special agents and NYPD detectives,” confirmed Bill Sweeny, assistant director of the US attorney’s office. Ms Maxwell stands accused of “helping Epstein identify, befriend and groom minor victims for sexual abuse” crimes committed between 2002 and 2005.

In July 2019, Epstein was indicted for sex trafficking crimes before he committed suicide a month later in his cell. His victims, all underage girls as young as 14, were specifically handpicked and groomed by Ms Maxwell.

As his most trusted partner, Ms Maxwell intensionally befriended underage girls and introduced them to Epstein. She singlehandedly encouraged them to accept Epstein’s gifts which often came in the form of shopping sprees, college tuition and career advancements.

“Maxwell offered me a job working for Epstein as a traveling masseuse with the assurance that no experience was required,” testified Virginia Roberts, one of the victims. The girls would eventually feel indebted to Epstein and would participate in sexual activities as a form of payback. In particular, Ms Maxwell groomed the girls to perform sexualised massages on Epstein while naked.

According to more testimonies by victims, Ms Maxwell was often present during these sexual encounters. Apart from having an active role in these sexual acts, Ms Maxwell “compounded her crimes” by committing perjury when she repeatedly lied under oath in 2016 after being questioned of these crimes.

The United States Department has thus charged Ms Maxwell with enticement of minors, sex trafficking and perjury.

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