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Governor Wike says COVID-19 Isolation center fully equipped

By Ifunanya Ndukwe

The River State Government has said that the treatment centres for Coronavirus ceses are fully equipped and have the required staff to fight the Coronavirus in the State. This was rvealed by the State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Paulinus Nsirim.

In a statement released by the office of the Special Assistant, Media to the Commissioner of Information and Communications, Soibi Max-Alalibo, the Commissioner was reacting to questions arising as to whether the State has isolation centre in preparation for the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

“I said earlier in the beginning of this programme that our Government is proactive. Before we recorded the index case, the treatment centre was fully equipped for any eventuality. We’re not praying that we should have more cases, but if that happens, there are professionals that are fully trained to handle such cases. “The equipment and facilities that would take care of such things are on ground in the State. So there will be no need to worry”, he said. Nsirim thanked the people for their compliance during the curfew period imposed in certain parts of the state, adding that the Governor is doing everything possible to ensure that Rivers people are free of the virus.

He stated that ” if there’s one Governor that was proactive in this country, it’s His Excellency: we didn’t have an index case before he set up an Enlightenment Committee, before the Emergency Operations Centre was set up, before the Treatment Centre was equipped and made fully functional. “The passion with which he inspects projects is the passion with which he is monitoring those directives.

That’s what you see in a selfless leader, a man who swore oath to protect lives and properties. “He is not making excuses, he is driving the process personally and that’s why you find now in the State that after the first index case, we’ve not had any other, unlike other states where it’s shooting up on daily basis”, the Commissioner said. Nsirim also assured the people that the only index case in the state is doing well.

He said on provision of food markets to lessen the suffering of the people, which the Governor promised, there is no definite date given for now but that the public will be told as soon as the modalities are set. He also slammed security agencies allegedly involved in collecting money at the state’s border and letting people in, as he assured the issue is being handled.

“It’s important that the public know that Government will not take it kindly. All those who will be found to have compromised will really face the music, because one life lost will be so painful to His Excellency”, he stated.

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