How YouTuber got into Oxford with B grades

By Tatenda Marwodzi

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22-year-old YouTuber, Vee Kativhu, came through once again and this time she was dishing out tips on how to get into an Ivy League school using average grades.

Speaking on how she got into Oxford after getting Bs in high school she had this to say, “if you didn’t get the grades that you specifically wanted, fill out a form and let them know why. Don’t be embarrassed to explain.”

A fact many may not know is that the application process for most universities is quite accomodating. Apart from submitting high school grades, an applicant is allowed to submit their best essays or motivational letters. Some universities even go to the extent of holding one on one interviews.

In Oxford’s case, one can apply for what they call a Foundation Year. Foundation year is like having an extended final high school year. A student hands in a personal statement supporting why they should be given a chance. Once a student is accepted and passes their foundation year, they can then proceed to do their undergraduate degree programme.

“My personal statement saved me. From the things that I cared about and the things I had done, they could see that I was resilient and ready to work,” she said speaking on her own experience.

Vee spent her high school years doing volunteer work and working fulltime at MacDonald’s to help out her mom with finances while other students were studying fulltime. Fortunately for her, universities value students who can demonstrate they can solve problems regardless of grades.

She also added that “your personal statement is not about being flashy or wanting to mimic how wealthy people get their experiences.” One does not need to shadow a doctor in a war zone or to build homes in Africa to be considered a stellar student. Any experience is a good experience.

Vee encouraged everyone to not worry too much about grades but work on learning valuable lessons from their everyday life experiences.

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