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“I can’t change how I look”- Pearl Thusi on light skin privileges

By Tatenda Marwodzi

TV personality Pearl Thusi is over people who think she got where she is today because she is light-skinned. On a BET show, Behind The Story, that aired on Wednesday she literally broke down in tears and said that the accusations were exhausting.

“You know what I’m really exhausted. I can’t change how I look and even if I did you’d still be mad. So let me live my life, I’ve worked very hard to have what I have,” she said before breaking down in tears.

Pearl Thusi started out as a beauty queen before her career on TV exploded. She’s presented and acted on numerous local and international shows. Be that as it may, her biggest backlash has always been that she had doors opened for her because of her complexion.

Thusi has never denied that colourism exists, she, however, feels it is not fair for people to blame her for it. She cannot change the fact that she is light-skinned even if she wanted to.

“Yes there are privileges but let’s also look around and see who’s giving those privileges, and why those privileges exist in the first place,” she pleaded.

“Let’s go to the source of why we have an identity crisis,” said a distraught Pearl who believes apartheid (or colonialism) had a lot to do with the brainwashing of black minds to prefer white or light skin over dark skin. She strongly believes that the starting point is to correct this brainwashing.

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