I was inspired into broadcasting by Late Toba Opaleye – Adejojo

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The Chief Executive Officer Adejojo Communication Links and Sugar Links Concept, Mr Kolawole Atanda Adejojo, an outstanding freelance broadcaster who has established a brand “Kasnaty” for himself, in this interview with Oluwaseun Sonde speaks on how he was inspired into broadcasting by the late Toba Opaleye and how it has not been easy relying strictly on freelance income to survive.

What it is like to be a freelance broadcaster

As a full-time freelancer, it is not easy, you’ll be relying strictly on your freelance income to pay for one’s expenses. It is prudent to spend a little time looking at your average expenses and determine it will sustain you. Preplan how you will schedule your time. You’ve to figure  out a way to make extra projects fit into your schedule. Late nights, weekends, holidays. Be prepared to outsource. Running a business can be hard work. Running a business in the broadcast industry can be extra difficult and make sure you’ve got a brand plan.

What is your agenda for this year 2020?

My agenda for 2020 is to be more relevant in the broadcast industry, not just a broadcaster but a well branded corporate broadcaster. Though, I have established a brand already for myself which is “kasnaty” I staged the first radio presentation with “kasnaty and friends”. This 2020, I want to come out with a concept which will be well branded and fabulous.

What is your major challenge in broadcasting ?

Sponsorship is the major challenge of a broadcaster. To meet up with a standard, someone need sponsors but with the help of God and the support of my boss “Yemi Sonde”, I have been sailing through. I could remember vividly that the gingle that brought me into limelight was “Carry go” while I was called by my boss to  partake in the production. All thanks  to God.

How are you been coping with government policies?

Like I said earlier, God has been so good to me and with the support of Yemi Sonde the sky is the beginning. If I tell you I’m still learning under Yemi Sonde would you believe me? But I’m always a learner. (Laugh)

What inspired you to be a broadcaster?

I was inspired by the late Toba Opaleye who was an outstanding presenter. Then I was into electronics business in sapon, Ogun state, I used to listen to Toba Opaleye on air, the ways and manners of his presentation thrilled me so much, so entertaining, I fell for it. That prompted me to advertise my products on his programme before I took interest in broadcasting. Though, he is late now but his legacy lives on.

What is your little advise to upcoming freelance broadcaster?

Be unique in your own little way, get a mentor and with hard work, you shall get there.

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