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I’m infected with HIV in the bus by my husband, this is my story

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  • This story is a life story written by Oluwaseun Sonde -Journalist

Sometimes, life has not been friendly to some people while I’m not exempted. My name is Afolabi (not real name) from Ogun state, I’m in my early 30s of age. Three years ago after my youth service, I decided to travel home to my village in the Western part to see some of my relations which I hadn’t seen for a very long time, and also to rest because my service year had been a very challenging one. I didn’t like taking night buses but because I hadn’t packed my bags in time, I had to take the night bus. So I boarded a night bus at the Oshodi area of Lagos and the man sitting next to me on the bus appeared to be very interested in me. He introduced himself by saying: ‘Hello sweetheart, my name is and I must confess that you’re the sweetest thing ever to walk the face of the earth.” He disarmed me with his charming manner and I suddenly found myself laying down my guard and responding warmly to him. Inside the bus that night, Olabode (not real name) and I got up close and personal with each other. Olabode  told me many things about himself and about his family. I did the same thing too. He even told me all about his past relationships and how they had failed one after the other. Olabode really opened up to me and it looked as if we had known each other for years. I felt so happy and relaxed being with him. And from the smile on his face and the look in his eyes, I could tell that he felt the same thing too. Inside of me, I knew that Olabode was my soul mate, the missing rib that I had been looking for, for so many years. From the way he talked and stared at me, it was clear that he adored me and that I was the only woman he wanted to be with. From the look in his eyes, I could taste the love he felt for me, even without kissing him. The driver and the bus attendant were unable to fix the engine of the bus which had broken down that night, so they advised all the passengers to either spend the night on their seats in the bus or in nearby hotels. In fact, though I feel ashamed to admit it, I was actually happy that the bus would not be able to continue its journey that night. This was therefore, an opportunity for Olabode and I to get more intimate. For the first time in my life, I made love with a man I met on a bus. For the first time in my life, I let my passion take control of me and I gave in to Olabode right there on the bus. And he made me experience heaven with so much passion! Of course, since we were on the bus, we couldn’t afford to take our clothes off! So we did it in the best way we could in such a situation, because we both knew that it wouldn’t be nice if we let other passengers notice what we were doing. From that night onwards, Olabode and I started dating and became best of friends and lovers. Later, I found out I was pregnant and informed my man about it. Olabode was overjoyed to hear that I had conceived and he promised to marry me. I told him to go and see my parents in the village to officially ask for my hand in marriage and he promised to do so the following week. Olabode kept to his promise and travelled to my village the following weekend to see my parents. My parents were glad to see the man whom I loved and they received him with open arms. However, they advised him to pay my bride price as soon as possible before my pregnancy begins to show, because it would be embarrassing for people to see that their daughter is pregnant outside marriage. Olabode went ahead and informed his family members too and they met with members of my own family and collectively set a date for our traditional marriage. They decided that it would be better we did the traditional marriage in December since many people usually return home during Christmas. My traditional marriage took place during the Christmas period and it was absolutely fantastic. After our traditional marriage, I moved into Olabode’s home and my life as a wife began. However, because I was pregnant, I had to register for ante-natal at the local hospital in the area. One of the requirements at the hospital was that they would conduct HIV tests on every pregnant woman. I agreed for them to take my blood sample for the HIV and other required tests. After my blood sample had been taken, I was told to go home and come back the following day for the result. The following morning, I went back to the hospital but when the matron saw me she looked so sober and didn’t say a word. The auxiliary nurse simply told me to wait and see the doctor. When I walked into the doctor’s office, he quietly asked me to sit. Then he said the words I can never forget. The doctor said to me: ‘My dear, Afolabi you are HIV positive.”

Oluwaseun Sonde
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